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Employee Check in for Client Meetings – Zoho CRM Mobile App

Zoho CRM Mobile App for Employee Check-InsUse a CRM mobile app and have your employees check in wherever they go. Associate a mobile check in with a meeting in your …

Zoho Cliq Home Screen

Communicate Remotely for Work Using Zoho Cliq

For Businesses & Employees to Communicate RemotelyCommunicate remotely for work using Zoho Cliq and sync communications across all your company’s desktop and mobile devices. This subscription cloud software enables your …

How To Move Your Business Online

For In-Person Businesses Looking To Move OnlineDepending on the kind of business and the services you offer, you may be able to move your business online. Many businesses today are …

Appointment Booking Calendar and CRM

Get your appointment booking calendar online and integrated with your CRM to deliver outstanding customer service for your appointment-based business. Let your clients and staff create, cancel, and reschedule appointments using your live and up to date online or private booking calendar system. Track all your customer contact info, appointments dates and details, payments, and much more using an integrated CRM.

Sales leaderboard TV channel for sales contests

Sales Leaderboard | Leaderboard Software to Track Sales KPIs

Sales leaderboard software displays sales activities using key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure sales goals. By using Zoho Motivator as your sales leaderboard software you can promote the sales behaviors that make sense for your business. Creating sales contests, goals, and targets for individuals, teams, territories, and the entire company is a great way to get everyone on the same page in your company. Energize your sales department by introducing competition thereby increasing sales. Zoho Motivator connects to Zoho CRM and syncs sales data to create your sales leaderboard.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions – Multiple Businesses Connected by One CRM

Having a scalable CRM for multiple storefronts will allow your business to grow faster and more predictably. Invoicing and payments can be automated to dramatically reduce overall time spent on paperwork. Invoices and warranty contracts are created digitally and stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about filing cabinets or faxing documents between multiple locations at the end of the day.


Order Management System Catered to eCommerce – Case Study

+Get your eCommerce order management and warehouse systems up to par so you can focus on growing. Integrate your Shopify, WordPress, Amazon, or eBay stores with Zoho Inventory and Zoho …

Zoho Inventory and Shopify Integration

Case Study: Multiple Shopify Stores Sharing One Inventory?

+Manage one inventory and sync stock levels across multiple Shopify stores with Zoho Inventory.Client’s Issue:Hello, my boss wants to split one of our product lines into its own Shopify store, …