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Employee Check in for Client Meetings – Zoho CRM Mobile App

Zoho CRM Mobile App for Employee Check-Ins

Use a CRM mobile app and have your employees check in wherever they go. Associate a mobile check in with a meeting in your CRM. Using Zoho CRM’s mobile app you can quickly see your calendar, choose a meeting day and time, then check in. Set access to who can delete or edit comments on these check in events.

Get exact geo-tag coordinates (Latitude and Longitude down to 6 decimal places) where the employee clicks the check-in button. The information is automatically collected and added to the meeting’s details. Generate multiple reports about check ins and filter the results according to your needs using the build in Zoho CRM Reports Module.


Pricing and Packages for Zoho CRM with Mobile Check-In

A)  Zoho CRM with Mobile App for Employee Check Ins - Standalone Pricing:
  • STANDARD - $12/user/mo Billed Annually
  • PROFESSIONAL - $20/user/mo Billed Annually
  • ENTERPRISE - $35/user/mo Billed Annually
  • ULTIMATE - $45/user/mo Billed Annually

Compare Zoho CRM Plans in Detail

B)  Zoho One - All 40+ Zoho Business Cloud Applications, Including Zoho Meeting:
  • $37/mo/user - All employees must have an account for this price
  • $90/mo/user - For any number of users

All Applications Come At Enterprise Tier

How Does The Mobile Check-In Process Work?

  • Create A Meeting In Your CRM

    You can make a new activity in your Zoho CRM manually or by other methods such as a Zoho Bookings integration. Any Check Ins must be associated with a meeting in your CRM.
    The image below shows the Open Activities section of a particular Contact. This activity is the meeting we want to associate a mobile check-in with.

  • Employee Visits Meeting Location

    Once your employee is at the meeting they open up the Zoho CRM mobile app, browse to their Home Screen or Calendar, then select the Meeting to Check In to. If there is no existing meeting available to check in to, you can create a new meeting on the fly and check into that one.

    The image on the right shows the Check-In screen and place to add a note/description for the check-in. This screen is only available on the mobile app version of Zoho CRM, not the desktop version.

  • Check-Ins Are Recorded with The Associated Lead/Contact & Meeting

    After your employee hits the check-in button, the geo tag information is automatically recorded.

You can later view this check in and geo data in many ways, including viewing the Activities, Contacts, Leads, and Reports Modules.

Zoho CRM Meeting Information with Check-In Details

This is an example of meeting details from a Zoho CRM meeting. The employee checked-in at the location and the information and note was recorded. This is the view from the Zoho CRM Mobile App.

Analytics & Reports for Mobile Check-Ins and Meetings

Using Zoho CRM's Reports Module, you can search for "Meeting Reports" on the left, then choose the type of Check-In report you want to generate. All data is live and up to date based on your Zoho CRM database.

The image below shows how a report can be generated for the "Number of Check-Ins by Salesperson".  All reports have the advanced filter option as well, so you can find exactly what you need.


Below shows the "Number of Check-Ins by Locality" report, generated in Zoho CRM.


Below shows the "Check-Ins for Leads" report, generated in Zoho CRM.


Below shows the "Check-Ins for Accounts" report, generated in Zoho CRM.


Below shows the "Check-Ins by Locality" report, generated in Zoho CRM.


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