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Annual Zoho Contract for All Employees – The Recommended Zoho One Plan

Zoho One gives you access to all of Zoho’s main business applications under one pricing package. Instead of picking and choosing from over 38 Zoho applications for your various departments and employees, you can get your entire organization on the Zoho One plan. By choosing to get a Zoho One user account for all your employees you can get the lowest pricing available for $30/month per user if you pay for 1 year up front. Zoho One for All Employees with a 1 year contract is the Zoho plan and contract length Burkhardt & Company recommends for our clients.

Zoho One Quote Calculator


Burkhardt & Company, LLC is an Authorized Zoho Partner and we have created this Instant Zoho One Quote Calculator for your convenience.

  • Use the sliders to enter the number of employees at your company to see how much a Zoho One Subscription will cost you.
  • We also give an estimate of our one-time price to setup your system, train your employees, and provide tech support for a year.

Burkhardt & Company, LLC is an Authorized Zoho Partner and we have created this Instant Zoho One Quote Calculator for your convenience.

  • Use the sliders to enter the number of employees at your company to see how much a Zoho One Subscription will cost you.
  • We also give an estimate of our one-time price to setup your system, train your employees, and provide tech support for a year.

What If Only Some Employees need Zoho One Accounts?

Use Zoho One for only some of your employees while others do not have accounts. This is still a great option and value because a select group of your staff can have access to all of Zoho’s main applications at a relatively low cost. With your primary group of employees using Zoho One you are free to have other employees use individual Zoho apps with separate pricing plans. The pricing to have only some of your employees use Zoho One is $75 a month per user, compared to $30 a month per user if you signup all your employees. Keep in mind Zoho One gives you “Enterprise Level” for all Zoho apps automatically, while if you pay for individual apps you must choose a pricing plan for each app.

Pay Monthly for a Little More

Most businesses are ready to commit to an annual contract after researching what Zoho One and Zoho CRM are capable of but there are businesses that appreciate the freedom and low up-front cost. If you want to try out the software for your business for a month or just pay monthly long-term, then you can pay a bit more to do so. For the benefit of having a monthly contract instead of an annual contract, Zoho will only charge you $5 more for the All-Employee package and $15 more for the Flexible Zoho One Package.


The different pricing packages available for Zoho One are made for various businesses and budgets. We recommend avoiding the monthly plans all together and sticking to the annual contracts to save on costs. With the annual contract you can save 2 months of Zoho subscription costs. The annual contract only costs you 10 months of subscription fees and for some businesses this can be thousands of dollars in savings.

The biggest cost difference between the Zoho One plans is not the monthly or yearly options, but the difference between having all or only some of your employees get user accounts. To figure out the best option for your company it really depends on your current needs and future goals. Getting Zoho One for all employees makes a lot of sense by keeping things simple, but at the end of the day you should do the math on the various pricing plans for each individual Zoho app and compare it to the all-employee Zoho one plan.

Because these enterprise resource planning systems are not meant to be short term solutions, it makes sense to choose the annual contract. By dedicating to proven ERP and CRM software like Zoho One and Zoho CRM, you give your employees a chance to learn the subtleties and build a daily rhythm with the system over time.

Zoho Authorized Partner – Hire A Specialized Consultant

After you decide on which Zoho One plan is best for your company, you can hire a specialist who will work with you to customize your new business system. A Zoho Authorized Partner will take a consultative approach to talk with your team to understand your ultimate goals and what you are aiming to get out of the system. A Zoho Authorized Partner can train your team how to use the new system and can help with tech support, maintenance, and expansion as you grow.

The two main advantages of using a Zoho Authorized Partner instead of in-house tech employees to setup your new system:

  1. Speed of Setup – A consultant who does Zoho setups all the time for multiple businesses will have run into various limitations of the system and have setup many different processes in Zoho for specific needs. Avoiding system structure pitfalls and setting up the proper processes from the start can save you months of development time and frustration.

  2. Zoho Backend Knowledge – A consultant can work with you to take your existing process and make it better using their knowledge of Zoho’s automation and workflow features. Making advanced Zoho features a core part of your process from the start will give you a better system, and not hold you back when compared to an in-house tech employee trying to figure it all out for the first time.

Zoho One Frequently Asked Questions

How does the All Employee pricing work?

  • All employees must have the Zoho One package to qualify for the All-Employee package. If you only need some of your employees to have access to Zoho One then you can choose the Flexible plan for as many users as are needed.
  • Zoho reserves the right to audit your company to see if you are abusing the All-Employee pricing plan. If they find you are using the wrong plan, they will request you to signup all your employees on Zoho one, and if you do not, Zoho ultimately reserve the right to cancel your account.
  • Employees who do not need a user account or do not have access to a computer or mobile phone are still counted. If this is the case the Zoho One Flexible plan might be the better option for your company.


How long are the contract terms for Zoho One?

  • Contract terms and either monthly or annually. There are no long-term contracts for more than 1 year at a time.


Can I add or take away users after the contract is started?

  • Yes, you can add or remove user accounts from your Zoho One account. New accounts will be charged immediately according to your selected plan. Old accounts that you remove can be partially refunded by contacting the Zoho Payments team.


What Tier of software do I get for all the Zoho apps if I purchase Zoho One?

  • The Zoho One bundle of applications comes with the apps set to Enterprise Tier when applicable. You can go to each individual product pricing page to see what the enterprise tier comes with. The enterprise tier is usually the highest tier for most of the Zoho apps.

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