Route Planning Optimization Example

Map Routing with CRM Integration

For Creating Optimized Route Plans

This map routing mobile app with CRM integration is a powerful way to manage your driving time and increase the amount of leads you can reach.

By connecting with Zoho CRM you can plan routes automatically around multiple factors including leads, contacts, planned appointments, and drop-ins.

Routes are created to show you the most optimized pathway and then displayed using the Google Maps API integration.

Routes can be adjusted on the go by adding or deleting stops on the list.

RouteIQ also comes with other mapping features to show you nearby clients, potential deal sizes, and heatmap clusters on the map.

Use the Check-In feature once you arrive at your destination to mark your mobile device's geo-location, date, and time and compare it to the scheduled appointment time.


Pricing and Packages for RouteIQ

RouteIQ for Zoho CRM:

$9/user/mo if Billed Annually
$12/user/mo if Billed Monthly

Includes 1,000 Record Credits Every Month or 12,000 per year.


If under 100,000 records then add another 1,000 records for only $8.
If above 100,000 records then add another 1,000 records for only $7.

High Profit Deals Map

RouteIQ can take your Zoho CRM addresses and map them for you to visualize. The data in your CRM now becomes interactive on a map interface to give you insights into your leads and customers. Choose from various filters and criteria to make the perfect map, or show all your addresses on one map view. In the example below you can choose high profit deals that are marked in Zoho CRM and display them on the map. The user interface shows the list of deals on the left that meet the search and filter criteria and maps the results.


Leads Heatmap Report

Use the built-in heatmap and cluster map to gain insights into your leads and clients. You can generate this report for various modules in Zoho CRM like Leads and Contacts.

Calendar and Schedule Mapping

Map your daily schedule using the calendar diary feature. The image below shows 3 stops for the doctor's appointment errands in gold, and 3 stops for the pharmacists appointments later on in purple. RouteIQ can be used for businesses and personal meetings and errands so you and your employees can plan a perfectly optimized route for the entire day!

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Open your navigation or your planned routes with a single click. This makes it easy while on the go to quickly find your next appointment and destination without bouncing between a bunch of screens on your phone.

Burkhardt & Company specializes in helping businesses setup enterprise resource planning software including RouteIQ.

As you can see this route planning and optimization software is simple to use and powerful for business. When combined into a larger business process and ERP system, the automation capabilities offered by the Zoho One package when properly setup are immense. Contact us now using the button below, or book a free consultation appointment to see how we can help your business.
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