How To Move Your Business Online


For In-Person Businesses Looking To Move Online

Depending on the kind of business and the services you offer, you may be able to move your business online. Many businesses today are facing the choice of having to shut down permanently or move primarily online. But how do you know if your business will work online if you are accustomed to brick and mortar store fronts? We will discuss how our premiere business software, Zoho One, can help your in-person business not just survive but thrive online.

Business Case: An in-person health center with 5 locations and 30 employees. How do we move our in-person business online after we were forced to close our storefronts due to COVID-19?

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Pricing and Packages for Zoho One Software for Business

Zoho One's pricing is simple: Choose to sign up all of your employees or only some of them, then choose to pay by the month or 12 months up front to save 2 months cost.
Still not sure? Try Zoho One for free with no credit card at signup for 30 days, extend your trial another month if requested, then transfer to a paid account when you are ready.

A)  Zoho One for All Employees - Includes All 40+ Zoho Business Cloud Applications:
  • $37/mo/user billed Annually, 12 months up front
  • $90/mo/user billed Monthly, 1 month at a time

All employees must have an account for this pricing
All Applications Come At Enterprise Tier

B)  Zoho One for Some Employees - Includes All 40+ Zoho Business Cloud Applications:
  • $45/mo/user billed Annually, 12 months up front
  • $105/mo/user billed Monthly, 1 month at a time

For any number of users
All Applications Come At Enterprise Tier

Check out our article Zoho One Pricing Explained for more information.

Business Case: Using the Zoho One bundle of business applications you can book appointments, conduct remote health consultations online with your patients using video conferencing, and continue to manage your patients with our automated system features. Let us take a quick look at some of the integrated business apps that make this possible:

    • Zoho Bookings, Zoho Meeting, Zoho CRM, & Zoho Books

Whether you have clients booking appointments over the phone or on your website, you can use Zoho Bookings to keep track of all your appointments for all your employees and all locations. This appointment booking application can be programmed with your available services and the employees who can perform those services. For example, if only 6 of your 30 employees need to use the appointment bookings app you can program in their working hours and individual employee pricing if applicable. You can require customers pay before making the booking by integrating your credit card processor with Zoho Bookings or let them book an appointment for free.

Using Your Appointment Booking Calendar and CRM Together to Improve Your Work Process

With this appointment booking calendar and CRM system you can automate most of your tasks like reminding clients about their upcoming appointments via email and SMS, booking or rescheduling new appointments during off hours, and accepting and tracking payments online or in person. With the immense capabilities for automation you can exponentially increase efficiency and productivity for your business using a CRM alone.

Booking an appointment using a calendar is just one part of your overall process, this is where the integrated CRM comes into play helping you to keep track of your customer’s lifetime journey with your company. After your customer books an appointment you can track their contact information, invoices, custom CRM fields, past emails, internal notes, file attachments, client score, lifetime-journey blueprint, forms and survey responses, social media interactions, and much more. Each customer has their own unique live and up to date page in the CRM containing all this information in one easily accessible place.

Use Your Integrated CRM System To Gain Detailed Insights Into Your Customers.



Normally the appointment booking system is used for in-person or online appointments, but they can also be used for online meetings. Zoho Bookings can integrate with Zoho Meeting to pair up your appointment calendar bookings with a video conferencing meeting app. As soon as your booking is set, an automatic email can be sent to your client telling them how to access the online video conferencing meeting. When the time comes, your employee joins the meeting and the client joins afterwards. You can share your video feed and audio feed via computer microphone or traditional dial-in. You can also share your desktop screen during the meeting.

For Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing:

Host online meetings and start video conferencing anywhere with up to 100 participants and 25 video feeds simultaneously per meeting.

For Webinars

Choose Zoho Meeting to host live video conferencing and webinar meetings that anyone can join without downloading software.


Zoho Meeting for Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, and Webinars

  • Secure Online Meetings and Video Conferencing

    Use the “Lock Meeting” button to keep people out of your live meeting. Get alerted when people try to join and choose whether or not to let them into your meeting. More Details

  • Host and Co-Host Moderator Controls

    As a host of the meeting you can mute people, or everyone, at any time. By default anyone can talk when they join the meeting. You can choose to remove anyone from the meeting at any point. More Details

  • Record Meetings & Webinars

    Hit the record button at any time, or multiple times during the meeting. Each video recording segment you create will be available after the meeting in your recordings section of Zoho Meeting. The recordings are in .MP4 video file format and can be downloaded. There is also a sharable link where people can click to view the view online or download the video file too. More Details

  • Automatic Email Invites or RSVPs

    Just enter the email addresses you want to invite and let the system take care of everything for you. You can add more people at any time, even during the meeting. The email invitations contain everything your potential attendees need to mark the date in their calendar and join the meeting when the time comes. You can even embed a join link to your blog, website, or post a link to your social media for upcoming meetings. More Details

  • Video Conferencing with Built-In Audio

    Use the built-in voice over IP to connect your computer headset or microphone and talk through your computer. There’s also a toll-free call in telephone line where people can dial in and enter a special meeting code to let them in. The VoIP and telephone call-ins can all hear each other in the meeting so no matter what method people use to connect, it works.

  • Text Chat Box Built-In

    Use the chat box to say hello, type secondary information while the main meeting is taking place, or to send URL links to other attendees. If someone doesn’t have a working microphone, they can still hear you and type to you. More Details

  • Enable Remote Computer Access for Support

    Go a step further and take control of someone's computer to assist them further. This can be enabled if the attendee allows you access and shares their desktop.

  • Share Your Screen with The Meeting

    Use Zoho Meeting to make presentation to clients, demonstrate products or services remotely, collaborate live, and more. More Details


As the online booking appointment is created and the meeting link is emailed to your client, Zoho CRM takes the same information and creates a customer profile page for you automatically. In Zoho CRM on this customer profile page you can see all the client’s bookings, meetings, payments, outstanding invoices, internal notes, file attachments, and current status in their lifetime journey with your company.

Using the information that was collected through the integrated applications, you can choose to create follow up tasks and automation depending on what your employees do or what the client status is in your sales funnel. At this point you can have your “Client Intake Form” automatically sent to their email if they book an appointment with you.

The CRM app can also have custom fields and formulas to help you score potential clients and interactions.

The best part of this CRM app is the KPI dashboards that are completely customizable for your business and the data you collect. Get instant and live insights into your business using the powerful always up to date KPI dashboards.

What Is It like to Use a CRM?

New customers can enter your CRM system automatically via web-based forms or through a customized manual process as your employees engage with clients over the course of closing a deal. Assign statuses for each step of your customer’s journey; update your customer’s CRM status as they move through your sales process and let automated tasks save time. Designate tasks to users, automate follow-up messages, set reminders, and automate email alerts to managers. Keep track of your sales team and employees and encourage competition with an optional built-in sales game that tracks sales achievements.

Keep Track of Everything in One Place

Create customer notes, integrate emails, attach files or scanned documents, and oversee your overall sales process more efficiently by utilizing the centralized and up-to-date CRM database. Monitor your entire customer base and sales process from a live visual dashboard and generate detailed reports that are always up-to-the-minute with the latest information captured by the CRM software. Use built-in tools like a company calendar, group chats, and live feeds to stay informed and communicate with your team.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Whether customers come into your store, call over the phone, or send you emails, having CRM software empowers any of your employees to pick up where the conversation left off at the last point of contact. When customers come into your store asking for a follow-up on a customer service issue, any employee can search the client’s account to view existing issues and notes within seconds. Saving the customer and your employee precious time. When clients call in, their account information automatically pops up on your work screen allowing you to answer their call using their name and information. Emails with clients are logged on their client account and can be shared with team members if necessary.

Engage with Leads and Clients

Connect your client's social media profiles to your CRM software and monitor when client’s mention your brand, so you can engage and respond immediately.

The CRM application allows you to integrate a chat box on your website; simply copy and paste a snippet of code to your existing website. This allows your website-based customers to speak directly with your employees through the CRM. This works for both mobile and desktop! Stay connected, keep your customers happy!



Once the client is ready to purchase your service, you can collect payments any time you want. In addition to the option to collect payments during the appointment booking app via Zoho Bookings, you can also use Zoho Books to email invoices with payment links. A client will receive your email with the attached invoice and a credit card payment link if your merchant account is connected to Zoho Books.

After the client pays your invoice online it sends a notification to your Zoho Books app automatically telling the system that they have paid or made a partial payment if you allow it. All invoices, remaining balance, and payment history are always available for you to instantly view.

Zoho Books also comes with banking integrations and a profitability dashboard so you can see how your financials are doing on demand.

Automate Accounting Processes using The Zoho CRM Zoho Books Integration

Using synchronized accounting software is a necessity for modern businesses with multiple locations and extensive inventory. Customer relationship management solutions like Zoho CRM integrate with QuickBooks and Zoho Books so you can automate record keeping for estimates, invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders. Use Invoices and Sales Orders to process various transactions, collect payments from customers, and issue Purchase Orders to vendors by converting a Sales Order from a customer.

Create invoices and send them to customers in order to get paid. Receivables will be automatically calculated and added into Zoho Books when you send out an invoice. When a customer makes a partial or full payment towards the invoice, your accounting is automatically updated and the invoice is marked as partially paid or fully paid.

Video: Create your first invoice using Zoho Books

Whenever a customer pays using an integrated payment gateway their sent invoice will be updated in your accounting software automatically to show as paid.

Get update noticiations when invoices are paid and easily check your CRM for the status of customer invoices within seconds.

Manage your invoices and check which invoices are sent, pending approval, approved, etc.
Additional features when integrating Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho People, Zoho Books, and your business bank account:
  • Track gross income automatically by using this digital invoicing system
  • Input all company expenses, including payroll, recurring expenses, bills, and even vendor & customer credits
  • Track Income, expenses, petty cash, and undeposited funds through a visual dashboard
  • Track total receivables, and total payables. Current and Overdue.
  • Visualize cash flow to see if you are profitable. That’s right! You can automatically calculate not only your top line gross revenue, but also your net profit
  • Product costs from Zoho Inventory are also tracked in Books
  • Employee Timesheets from Zoho People can be tracked as expenses in Zoho Books under a "Wages" expense account
  • Connect your bank account and business credit cards to Zoho Books for advanced profit and loss reports. How does it work?
    • Tag deposits and withdrawals from your bank accounts and connect them to Zoho Books. Using accounting tags, you can match line item expenses in your bank accounts to accounts in your books
    • Revenue is already stored in the system through invoices, so by adding all your expenses to Zoho Books you get a live complete view of your company's profit and loss
Give Your Accountant Access to Zoho Books Securely

Books comes with access for your accountant, they have their own special login account at no extra cost. Accountants can access a manual journal, manage tax payments, and make tax adjustments.

Zoho Books Reports

Generate Profit and Loss report, cash flow report, balance sheet, sales reports, inventory reports, receivables, payables, purchases and expenses, timesheets, activity reports, and tax reports all from within the Books software. List of pre generated report categories: Business Overview, Sales, Inventory, Receivables, Payments Received, Recurring Invoices, Payables, Purchases and Expenses, Currency, Projects and Timesheet data, Accountant reports, and User Activity reports.

Zoho Inventory pregenerated Reports on Business Overview, Sales, Inventory, Receivables, Payments Received, Recurring Invoices, Payables, Purchases and Expenses, Currency, Projects and timesheet data, accountant reports, and user activity reports

How to Move Your Business Online?


Using Zoho One you can shift your in-person business to an online format while maintaining excellent customer service. The Zoho One suite of applications currently offers 40 business applications, many of which can be utilized for remote work. By allowing your business to book appointments online and meet virtually using video conferencing, you can transform your consultation and appointment-based business to an online format.

Additional Benefit

One unforseen benefit from transitioning online is you can expand your business nationally. In the case above where the business has 5 locations in one state, they can now advertise online nationally and accept clients from all over. What started as a small business in one area can now be a successful national brand by using the Zoho One suite of business applications.

Burkhardt & Company specializes in helping businesses setup enterprise resource planning software including Zoho One.

As you can see this cloud software is simple to use and powerful tool for business. When properly implemented and combined into a larger business process and ERP system, the automation capabilities offered by the Zoho One package are immense. Contact us now or book a free Zoho demonstration appointment to see how we can revolutionize your business.

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