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Employee Check in for Client Meetings – Zoho CRM Mobile App

Zoho CRM Mobile App for Employee Check-InsUse a CRM mobile app and have your employees check in wherever they go. Associate a mobile check in with a meeting in your …

How To Move Your Business Online

For In-Person Businesses Looking To Move OnlineDepending on the kind of business and the services you offer, you may be able to move your business online. Many businesses today are …

Customer Relationship Management Solutions – Multiple Businesses Connected by One CRM

Having a scalable CRM for multiple storefronts will allow your business to grow faster and more predictably. Invoicing and payments can be automated to dramatically reduce overall time spent on paperwork. Invoices and warranty contracts are created digitally and stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about filing cabinets or faxing documents between multiple locations at the end of the day.