Customer Relationship Management Solutions – Multiple Businesses Connected by One CRM

Having a scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for multiple businesses will allow you to grow faster and more predictably. Invoicing and payments can be automated to dramatically reduce overall time spent on paperwork. Invoices and warranty contracts are created digitally and stored in the cloud. Other major business functions can be integrated into your CRM so your business runs under one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With a Zoho One subscription, proper installation, & customization for your business, you can connect multiple businesses using this customer relationship management solution.

Zoho One Comes With All 40+ Zoho Applications, Including Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Books, Zoho Sign, Zoho Motivator, & Zoho People:
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Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Books, Zoho Sign, Zoho Motivator, & Zoho People

Client's Issue:

Hello, we have multiple stores around the same area that need a system to link the storefronts all together. We have a system but it’s old and lacks all the functionality we need now.

One of the major problems is when we make a sale, we use a lot of paperwork, copies, and communicate through email, so it can get messy. This means some of our time is spent on paperwork between stores and filing paperwork as transactions take place. We want the checkout process to be fast but also the record keeping process. We need a clear view of what’s happening at all the stores and an easier way to communicate between them.

We have sales associates and a back office where our orders are sent to our vendors. We need something to keep track of the entire process, or a check list, as each order goes through several processes before being completed.

Anything that can also help with sales orders, vendor purchase orders, inventory management, and keeping records more efficiently would be great. Thank you.


Benefits of Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution for Multiple Businesses

Zoho CRM and the entire Zoho ERP platform is cloud based which means you can access your business applications from any web browser, iOS device, or Android device. When a customer is ready for checkout you can ring up their invoice using barcode scanning at the register, or add products listed in your CRM’s item catalog. Products will be added to an invoice tied to the customer’s CRM profile page. After the new invoice or sales order has all the desired items added, it’s ready to be paid.

With an integrated payment gateway, card-present and online purchases are linked into your Books and CRM system so after a customer’s credit card is approved for payment, their associated invoice or sales order is marked as paid automatically. For non-integrated PoS devices, manually mark the invoice as paid after the customer’s credit card is approved or if cash, check, or bank transfer is made.

If you need your customers to sign a product warranty contract, this can easily be done from the CRM as well.  Digital signing templates are created using Zoho Sign and stored under a customer’s CRM page. Simply select the template for the digital contract you wish the customer to sign, enter in any relevant information, then let the customer read and sign the contract on a screen. Customers can sign the contract in a matter of seconds and pass control back to the employee. A copy of the digital contract is kept for your records under the customer’s CRM profile page, and a copy can be printed or emailed to the customer automatically.

With the Zoho CRM / Zoho Books integration any new invoices or sales orders will be sent to your accounting books automatically.  Using Zoho Books along with Zoho CRM allows you to track profits and losses, so you know where your business financially stands in real-time.

With this solution, all customer contact information, past estimates, past invoices, signed contracts, and customer lifetime value is stored on one customer profile page. If a customer returns to any of your stores you can pull up all their past deals in seconds and easily find internal notes associated with each customer. Customer service has never been so easy!

Streamline Business Processes and Overall Efficiency

Automate major business functions from back end to front end, and everything in-between.

Improve Customer Service All Around

Assist customers more effectively with easy and complete access to their account history and up-to-date information, and by automating follow-ups, thank you messages, and other interactions.

Better Collaboration

Having all your business applications streamlined under one ERP system will encourage interdepartmental collaboration to make your business grow! Never before has your business had the opportunity to be on the same page in all departments with live synced data.

Increased Productivity

Eliminate data duplication, cut back on manual redundant tasks by using automation, and rely on system syncs between all aspects of your business to help drive real-time decision making.

Forecasting, Reporting, and Analytics

Generated by real-time data points in your CRM and other ERP software applications. Generate automatic reports that can be emailed and shared with anyone you wish. There are dozens of pre generated templates that you can use to gain insights into your business, and you can customize and create your own report templates as well.


Keep data secure with built-in security protocols to manage access and financial controls that require approvals before money is paid out. Implement two-factor authentication, IP location restrictions for login, SSL/ HTTPS connection, and more.

Save Money

Lower management and operations costs with an integrated ERP system, do more with less. Save up to 3 times the money using Zoho when compared to Salesforce CRM subscription costs.

Territory Management

Group client accounts based on a predefined set of rules.  This could include the location of your client, the items they order, the size of their order, and any other criteria based on CRM fields and the related client data. Assign employees to as many territories as needed, or assign a client to multiple territories. Employees can only see clients in their assigned territories. Use hierarchical structures to organize multiple territories and therefore the visibility of child-territories. Managers can see all territories and clients below them. Set territory specific sales forecasts for an employee listed under multiple territories.

Generate reports based specifically on your CRM territories:
Zoho CRM Reports Territory Management Reports

Customer Relationship Management Solutions using Zoho CRM

 Implementing a CRM will create efficiencies by streamlining your business processes. In this case, having a cloud system that is accessible from any web browser will help you to manage you customer data and invoices. You won’t have to manually sync sales invoice between stores by faxing documents at the end of the day. Instead all your documents are organized and synced through a cloud-based CRM system.

Cloud based software means all store locations have access to the same live database. Manage customer information, vendor orders, inventory levels, backorders, and more. Generate quotes / invoices for customers through the CRM; these can be automatically inserted into Zoho Books accounting software if integrated. Add internal notes to each customer’s file. Attach documents to a customer’s CRM file.

Benefits of a customer relationship management solution customized to your business
What does a customer profile page look like in a customer relationship management solution like Zoho CRM?

The four images below show what sections of data you can store on each customer profile page in your CRM. You can choose to add additional fields or get rid of unused fields. The below example contains some additional sections, and some optional sections are not present. These four images represent a single customer profile page that scrolls from top to bottom in Zoho CRM, but they have been split up into four images for viewing convenience.

Customer Relationship Management - Customer Profile Page Section 1
Customer Relationship Management - Customer Profile Page Section
Customer Relationship Management - Customer Profile Page Section 3
Customer Relationship Management - Customer Profile Page Section 4
Additional features and benefits from our Customer Relationship Management solutions:
  • Keep important company documents in an organization level folder for employees to access anytime.
  • Schedule tasks related to a customer account such as follow-up call or follow-up letters. The system creates a task with the task details attached to a customer’s file. Employees then look at their daily tasks and mark them as completed after they are finished.
  • Create and track Customer Support Cases from ticket creation to solution.
  • Attach a customer’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts to their CRM account so you can see what they are interested in, and so you can see if they mention your brand (Zoho Social integration).
  • Add an internal “solutions” section with previous customer questions and the organization’s answers. This serves as a long-lasting knowledge base for your employees to quickly answer any customer questions.
  • Built in Company Calendar to mark events or schedule calls.
  • Built in Company Communication: Text message chat window, audio call through the CRM chat window, and video call through the CRM chat window. Can also transfer files through the chat window, or by using a centralized cloud storage space.
  • Generate analytical reports that can cover every point of data in your system. For example:
    • How many customers were added in X amount of time
    • How many invoices did each employee, each store, and the entire organization create in X amount of time
    • Track which products are most popular
    • View an audit trail of every action taken by every employee in the system
  • Track your exact ROI for Google Ads, and track Facebook’s “lead Ad” ROI. The system automatically does this by tracking a lead through paid ad clicks to your CRM database and connects any deals you make to them
Customer Relationship Management Solutions for Online Customer Portal
Customer Relationship Management Online Customer Portal
  • Create an online "Customer Portal" where customers can login to see some of their specific CRM data, browse your goods and services, create new sales orders, check the status on their current orders, and to pay invoices
    • Customer Portal for up to 10,000 customers included; add extra portals for an additional fee
Zoho CRM Setting and Customization Options
Zoho CRM Setup and Settings

This customer relationship management solution uses Zoho CRM as the base application to store your customer and business data.  In order to maximize the power and capabilities of your customer relationship management software, you need to integrate other business applications. The rest of this page talks about our recommended application integrations, and the various benefits that are gained as a result. Using these business applications together will create the overall solution to the issue described by the client in the introduction to this page.

These systems are complicated to setup and customize properly for your business without the knowledge and experience of how to build and integrate them. We can help you setup this system for your business, train you how to use your new ERP/ CRM system, and offer tech support.

Manage Inventory, Warehouses, Deliveries, & Accounting Easily by Integrating Zoho Inventory with Zoho CRM & Zoho Books

Take your business to the next level by using one inventory system to manage your products, stock updates, purchase orders, sales orders, point of sale transactions, any packages or shipments you make, and your future eCommerce store. All data is synced between your Zoho applications such as contacts, business accounts, vendors, products, estimates, invoices, sales orders, and more.

Zoho Inventory Integrations Zoho CRM Integration How it Works

With the Zoho Inventory Zoho CRM integration, create invoices or sales orders for customers right from a customer’s CRM profile page. Scan in barcodes or select items listed in stock. Complete payment of the invoice or sales order through Zoho Books.

Print or email a copy of the invoice to customers and accept payment through an on-site integrated PoS system and payment gateway, through an emailed invoice link by credit card, or through your online client portal.

Find out which customers are spending the most and target them with special marketing campaigns.

Match itemized invoices and PoS credit card transactions with customers in your CRM.

Add goods or services to your inventory and mark SKUs, taxes, weights, purchase price and sales information, stock levels, set reorder levels when stock is low, and track inventory with serial numbers. Zoho Inventory is barcode scanner compatible.

add a new item or service to zoho inventory

Automate Accounting Process using The Zoho CRM Zoho Books Integration

Using synchronized accounting software is a necessity for modern businesses with multiple locations and lots of inventory. Customer relationship management solutions like Zoho CRM integrate with QuickBooks and Zoho Books so you can automate record keeping for estimates, invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders. Use Invoices and Sales Orders to process various transactions and collect payments from customers, and issue Purchase Orders to vendors by converting a Sales Order from a customer.

Invoice Workflow Overview
Sales Order Workflow from Customer to Vendor

Easily create invoices for customers by adding line items from your inventory. Adjust tax, shipping, discounts, and other adjustments before finalizing the invoice. These numbers can be added for each item ahead of time as well.

Send professional invoices with Zoho Books integration to out customer relationship management solution
Sales Order Workflow Overview

Issue Invoices for customers or create a Sales Order instead.

Sales Order Workflow from Customer to Vendor

Create invoices and send them to customers in order to get paid. Recevables will be automatically calculated and added into Zoho Books when you send out an invoice. When a customer makes a partial or full payment towards the invoice, your accounting is automatically updated and the invoice is marked as partially paid or fully paid.

Video: Create your first invoice using Zoho Books

Whenever a customer checks-out using an integrated payment gateway, their paid invoice will be updated in your accounting software automatically.

Get updated when invoices are paid and easily check your CRM for the status of customer invoices within seconds.

Manage your invoices and check which invoices are sent, pending approval, approved, etc.

Optionally print or email a "Delivery Note" based on any invoice, and give it to your third-party delivery drivers to present to customers upon delivery.

The delivery note will have any remaining balance shown on it and can be collected by your drivers after the customer signs your delivery note.

Delivery Note Example
Additional features when integrating Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho People, Zoho Books, and your business bank account:
  • Track gross income automatically by using this digital invoicing system
  • Input all company expenses, including payroll, recurring expenses, bills, and even vendor & customer credits
  • Track Income, expenses, petty cash, and undeposited funds through a visual dashboard
  • Track total receivables, and total payables. Current and Overdue.
  • Visualize cash flow to see if you are profitable. That’s right! You can automatically calculate not only your top line gross revenue, but also your net profit
  • Product costs from Zoho Inventory are also tracked in Books
  • Employee Timesheets from Zoho People can be tracked as expenses in Zoho Books under a "Wages" expense account
  • Connect your bank account and business credit cards to Zoho Books for advanced profit and loss reports. How does it work?
    • Tag deposits and withdrawals from your bank accounts and connect them to Zoho Books. Using accounting tags, you can match line item expenses in your bank accounts to accounts in your books
    • Revenue is already stored in the system through invoices, so by adding all your expenses to Zoho Books you get a live complete view of your company's profit and loss
Give Your Accountant Access to Zoho Books Securely

Books comes with access for your accountant, they have their own special login account at no extra cost. Accountants can access a manual journal, manage tax payments, and make tax adjustments.

Zoho Books Reports

Generate Profit and Loss report, cash flow report, balance sheet, sales reports, inventory reports, receivables, payables, purchases and expenses, timesheets, activity reports, and tax reports all from within the Books software. List of pre generated report categories: Business Overview, Sales, Inventory, Receivables, Payments Received, Recurring Invoices, Payables, Purchases and Expenses, Currency, Projects and Timesheet data, Accountant reports, and User Activity reports.

Zoho Inventory pregenerated Reports on Business Overview, Sales, Inventory, Receivables, Payments Received, Recurring Invoices, Payables, Purchases and Expenses, Currency, Projects and timesheet data, accountant reports, and user activity reports

Digital Contracts Using Zoho Sign with your Customer Service Management Solution

Send digital contracts to customers by clicking a button in your CRM. Have customers sign a digital contract in person or online using any device with an internet browser, any iOS device, or Android device. The digital contract is attached to your customer’s CRM profile page after it is completed.

Send Document with Zoho Sign using the customer relationship management solutions offered

Use contract templates with fill in the blank fields to create a contract for each customer. Fill in the blanks automatically with existing CRM data fields like the customer's name and address. Create as many templates as you need or create unique contracts every time.

Efficiently process, manage, and store contract records for yourself and choose to print or email a copy for customers. No more filing cabinets or physical papers to be filed at the end of the day, as everything is done in real time and documents are stored in the cloud.

Zoho Sign integration with our customer relationship management solutions

Zoho Motivator Add-On for Customer Relationship Management

Part of our recommended customer relationship management solution is to spur competition among your sales teams using TV screens as a Sales Leaderboard. Display different TV channels in the offices with ranked sales stats for employees, locations, and for the company overall. This data is taken from Zoho CRM and used to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), targets, quotas, contests, and company goals using Zoho Motivator. Set and track target goals and quotas for individual employees, teams, locations, and the company as a whole.

These dashboards and KPIs can be placed anywhere as a website URL and as a tab in Zoho CRM itself, so the large screen TVs are not required to use Zoho Motivator, but they are nice!

Zoho Motivator Dashboard showing KPIs and Targets
Sales Contests based on KPIs and Customer Relationship Management Data

Setup KPIs to track sales activities for each employee, store location, and for the entire company, such as Customers Created, Number of Sales, Total Revenue Generated per Employee, Quotes Created, Invoices Created, and more.

Create multiple sales contests based on your desired KPIs. Create new sales contests any time and include the employee participants you want.

Add prizes for sales contests as an incentive. You can reward your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place sales representatives with a bonus or a prize. Reset contests for every day, week, month, quarter, half-year, or year time frame.

Setup numerical goals for your sales people based on KPIs. Motivator will show if an employee is behind, on track, or ahead of schedule to meet the target goal.

Besides being visible in the CRM, you can connect your KPIs and sales contests to a TV screen in your break room or sales floor, so everyone can see how they rank in real time.

Zoho Motivator Sales Floor with TV Screens showing KPIs

Sales Offices Using Zoho Motivator to Create Team Goals and Increase Company Wide Closing Rates

Sales Floor with tv monitors for sales statistics
Company Wide Live Dashboard Layout

Use this exact dashboard layout and simply replace these example KPIs with your relevant KPIs.

Company wide live dashboard from Zoho People connected to customer relationship management solutions

Full Feature Human Resources Software to Keep Track of Employees

Clock-in and clock-out with CRM employee accounts, log hours and make shift scheduling easy with this full feature Human Resources (HR) cloud software, Zoho People. This full feature HR system allows you to create employee HR databases to manage employees, departments, and locations.

Employee Directory Searching the term"HR", view of Zoho People user interface

With the built in shift calendar you can schedule shifts, track timesheets & attendance, add paid or unpaid break times to shifts, and more. Allow employees to clock in and clock out from the software using the same login as your other Zoho apps. Employees login, click a button on the first screen they see, and they clocked in/out down to the second. Mark each employee’s salary in Zoho People, then automate salary expense tracking with a Zoho Books integration.

Additional features and benefits included with Zoho People:
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Leave tracker for holidays and days off
  • Log travel requests from employees and employee business expenses
  • Attach company assets such as computers, tablets, phones, vehicles, etc. to the respective employees possessing each company asset
  • Attach benefits to employees such as medical, lunch, housing allowance, and education allowance
  • Log employee exit details
  • Perform evaluations, peer reviews, and list skills for each employee so HR has a better understanding of each employee's skill set
  • Upload training materials such as documents, images, videos, and courses for easy access; optionally gather feedback from employees regarding each section as they move through training
User Interface for Zoho People
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