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Sales Leaderboard | Leaderboard Software to Track Sales KPIs

Sales leaderboard software displays sales activities using key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure sales goals. By using Zoho Motivator as your sales leaderboard software you can promote the sales behaviors that make sense for your business. Creating sales contests, goals, and targets for individuals, teams, territories, and the entire company is a great way to get everyone on the same page in your company. Energize your sales department by introducing competition, thereby increasing sales. Zoho Motivator connects to Zoho CRM and syncs sales data to create your sales leaderboard.

Zoho Motivator for Sales Leaderboards

Create leaderboard dashboards to track KPIs, set targets, and competitions using leaderboard software
Zoho Motivator

Using KPIs for Sales Leaderboards

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in sales are essentially quotas used to track the performance for individual employees, teams, departments, territories, and the entire company. Increase sales by setting proper KPI metrics to track and incentivize employee behavior. The default KPIs that come with Zoho Motivator include Leads Created, Accounts Created, Sales Won, Sales Lost, and Revenue Generated. Besides the default KPIs you can create as many custom KPIs from your CRM data as you need.

Zoho Motivator Setup In Sales Office with TV Screen
Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Integration and Sales Data Sync

Sync fields from Zoho CRM and create KPIs in Zoho Motivator.  To setup your own custom KPIs you can do so using Zoho Motivator after you are integrated to Zoho CRM. Your sales leaderboard then displays the KPIs in dashboards and uses your CRM data to track sales contests. Use custom numeric fields from Zoho CRM such as currency fields, decimals, percent, numbers, auto-numbers, long integers, and formula fields to track your own KPIs.

By syncing and integrating Zoho CRM to Zoho Motivator all your data is automatically pushed from your CRM to the sales leaderboard. With the CRM data automatedly pushed to the leaderboard system for you, all you need to worry about is setting up KPIs, targets, and sales contests for employees to participate in.

Dashboards to Display Your Leaderboard KPIs and Stats

With the Zoho Motivator sales leaderboard, you can setup various dashboards to show to your team.  The dashboards can display various KPIs, targets, and contests all on one screen.  Each item on the dashboard is listed in its own box on the screen, with various boxes of information making up a single dashboard.


Create multiple dashboards and display them all where they matter most using unique web links.

  • Create a dashboard for executives to get a broad overview of all sales activities in the company
  • Create a dashboard for each sales team so they can track their collective effectiveness
  • Create a dashboard for each employee so they can track their individual sales activities and measure their progress towards set targets
Live Sales Leaderboard Dashboards

Additional TV Channels to Display Leaderboard Information

Add your sales leaderboard to a big screen tv in your sales office, or anywhere you can view a webpage. With Zoho motivator you can create special TV channels that display your dashboards and other sales TV channels for workers.  TV channels in Zoho Motivator can be setup to rotate through various information slides that show live KPI stats. You can type in company updates or custom scroll messages that appear at the bottom of each channel. These TV channels have an associated webpage link to easily view each TV channel.  The channels can also be added directly to each employee’s CRM so they can view the TV channels from their regular work monitors, so you don’t need a large screen TV to display the sales leaderboard.

Sales leaderboard TV channel for sales contests

With the sales leaderboard TV channels, you can display regular KPI dashboards, contests, and more. The sales leaderboard software comes with default channels like the Home Channel showing all KPIs, contests, and targets at a glance. There is a Pipeline Channel to show the sales funnel and sales pipeline velocity from one stage to the next in the sales process. A Targets Channel showing numerical targets for the company and if the team is on track to meet the target. The final default channel is the Contests Channel where you can display all active sales contests, where people rank, what the prizes are, and what the time frame is for the contests.

Set Sales Targets Throughout Your Company

Use your established KPIs to set targets for employees.  Measure how well your targets are getting hit as employees update Zoho CRM with new data. As your employees continue working and using Zoho CRM to update sales information, Zoho Motivator automatically takes the CRM data and uses it to track your targets and goals. Get a visual display of your targets on a dashboard, quickly see the target’s status with a green, yellow, or red indicator showing whether you are on track to hit the target.

Setup sales targets on the sales leaderboard

Create Contests to Foster Competition in Sales

Use your sales leaderboard to host contests and increase competition. Employees can participate in multiple contests or choose to observe.  Add prizes to your contests if you desire and display the prizes in the sales leaderboard itself. After a contest is over you can announce the results with the click of a button. Create sales contests for any KPI you track.

Create targets and contests with your sales leaderboard software to drive sales and competition

Create Contests and track the leaders using your Zoho Motivator sales leaderboard software

Display each contest using the sales leaderboard software

Monitor Sales Pipeline Velocity, Pipeline Stages, & Lead Conversion Forecasts

Analyze your sales data even further to figure out your pipeline velocity, analyze each sales stage, and even make sales forecasts. By analyzing each stage of your sales process and figuring out how fast customers move through the sales process you can find the weak spots in your sales system.  Zoho Motivator’s sales leaderboard does this automatically for you, so you can see at a glance where customers are getting stuck in your sales process. With this information the sales leaderboard system can also create a lead conversion forecast to predict how much revenue your sales team will generate based on how many leads are at any given stage in the process.

Show Sales Pipeline Stages for Sales Leaderboard
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