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Zoho Sign contract software is powerful, quick, and secure allowing you to manage contracts with ease. Our electronic signature software is cloud based allowing you to access it from your desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. With Zoho Sign you can use templates or create new contracts on the fly with ease. Zoho Sign is ESIGN compliant and bank level secure.

Contract Software for Desktop, Tablet, iOS & Android

Contract Software for Desktop, Tablet, iOS & Android

Customize contract templates, send them out, and monitor responses with contract management software.

Contract Software Example Screen

Case Study - Issuing Client Contracts:

Hi guys, I'm running a digital marketing agency and I'm trying to improve our internal operations process - one of which is client contracts.

Our current process includes drafting a contract with the client and emailing the final draft for a signature. Unfortunately for the client they are forced to print, sign, scan the signed contract page by page, and then email it back to us.

We are currently tracking all our different contracts and effective dates in a separate spreadsheet; this tells us when the contracts expire. We would like some way to send the client an extension contract about a month and half before their old contract expires.

We are looking for digital signature software that can do the following for us:

  1. Digital e-signature for client contracts managed by contract software
  2. Pull client information and insert into contract using the contract software
  3. Keep track of multiple contract expiration dates, and notify me when contracts are signed or going to expire

I tried other contract software, but they cannot do all the above for us. Thanks!

Our Solution:

Your current process is very common and causes clients to drop out before signing. Our solution will reduce your process from days to minutes and improve completion rates dramatically!

We can set up this system for you and train you how to use the Zoho Sign application. We can create templates for your contracts, allowing you to pre-fill and customize areas of the contract before sending it out.

The long-term cost for this cloud-based application is only $15/mo/user for the professional edition ($20/mo/user for the enterprise edition). Optionally, Zoho One includes all the 40+ Zoho business applications for only $30/mo/employee.

Try out Zoho Sign for 30 days free with no credit card required at signup. You don’t need your own a website or server to run this software; just login through any web browser, tablet, or on your phone with iOS and Android apps.

 Here's how it works...

Create A Digital Contract by Uploading or Importing Documents

Using this contract software you can create a contract template using pdf, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, png, odt, rtf, txt, tex, and sxw. The maximum file size per upload is 10 MB.
This can be uploaded from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or from Zoho Docs.

Various integrations that work with our contract software, such as google drive, onedrive, dropbox, box, and other Zoho apps

Create a contract template with one, or multiple documents, then customize the settings for your template. Sending multiple documents at once to be signed at the same time saves a significant amount of time in the overall process. You can create new contracts every time or reuse existing templates for multiple clients.

Settings and template details for your digital contract

Quickly Pre-Fill Client Data into Your Contracts

Pre-fill information associated with clients into your contract before sending it out to be signed. Zoho Sign has its own contact storage system that holds basic client contact information such as name and email, and associates those clients to contracts.

Use Zoho Sign with Zoho CRM to plugin CRM data fields to your contract before sending it out. In the image below you can see the section named "Merge Fields". The left column is the existing Zoho CRM fields that you can pull data from for this particular contract template.  When you click on an item in the left field, it populates the fields on the right columns with CRM data. You can also manually type data in the right columns.

Without the Zoho CRM integration you would manually pre fill these three form-fields in this example before sending off the contract.

Zoho Sign integrates with WebMerge to pull data from other popular platforms so you can automatically insert it into a contract.

Zoho CRM integration with Zoho SIgn showing how to insert data automatically into your contract

This is the pop-up screen from within Zoho CRM before you send a contract to one of your clients, allowing you to add in CRM data fields to your contract.

Email Your Contract and Complete The Entire Process Digitally

Send the finalized contract for digital signage via email to the client. The client does not need to have a Zoho Sign account to access the contract signing system. You can also have clients sign your contracts in person using one of your connected devices.

email template for when you send out a request for your contract to be signed

The above image is an example of an email your client will receive when you send them a contract to sign or review. Email templates can be customized for your business and specific needs.

Below is what your client sees when they first click the button in their email to review your contract. Clients can review the contract in full before starting the signing process. Clients must agree to the terms and conditions before starting the signing process.  The default terms and conditions can be customized for your needs.

Clients must accept your contract's terms and conditions before signing your contract

Track The Status of Contracts in Real Time

Monitor when and if your contract was viewed, track the moment a contract is signed and get notified immediately.

Auto reminders can be sent to the client every X number of days, reminding them to sign the contract.

Set a contract expiration date revoking access to the contract after the date has passed, or even rescind the contract at any time before it's signed.

Get real time updates in the software when any of your contracts are viewed or signed

This contract software tracks the progress of each contract from mailed, to viewed, and finally to signed. This audit trail is part of ESIGN Act compliance, ensuring your contracts are legal and enforceable.

Track the completed status of contracts using the contract management software

Control when signatories and administrative staff are notified of signing requests and contract status updates.

Customize your software notification settings for when contracts are interacted with

Create A Chain of Signatories In A Specific Order

Set multi-step contracts that get passed along in a certain order to various signatories. You can countersign your contract after the other parties have completed their portion of the contract.  Add as many signing recipients as needed; this examples only shows two.

The Zoho Sign software can automatically email you to countersign if required. After you countersign, the system sends a final copy to your client automatically.

Decide who and in what order to send out your contract to be signed

Contract Software Security and Document Storage

secure contract software and document storage system

All documents are stored in your Zoho Sign cloud system securely. Once a contract is completed there is an additional completion certificate file created automatically by the system detailing the various signing actions and their associated time of completion. Records of your contracts cannot be altered or changed after being completed.

  • Data is protected using AES-256 encryption at rest, SSL encryption in transit
  • Multi Factor Verification, access codes, and audit trails ensure an extra protection
  • Compliant with the ESIGN Act in the USA, and eIDAS for the European Union.
  • Dedicated data centers in extremely secure locations restricted using biometric two factor authentication
  • Based on PKI (public key infrastructure)
Contract Software Documents page, showing list of document names and their contract signing status

Zoho Sign and Zoho CRM Integration

Optionally integrate Zoho Sign with Zoho CRM in order to send contracts from the CRM and keep records of all signing events on the client’s CRM page. While you prepare the contract you can take data fields from Zoho CRM and automatically insert them into your contract templates, greatly speeding up the contract creation process.

In the image below featuring a client's CRM page, there are three highlighted sections that have been added into Zoho CRM from the Zoho Sign integration.

  • The button at the top of the client's CRM page is to initiate sending the contract from within Zoho CRM.
  • The Info section on the left bottom quickly tells you if this client has any documents that have been sent out and how many.
  • In the center of the page is a detailed "Related List" of any Zoho Sign documents attached to the client.

The only real functional thing to worry about is the top button, to send contracts to CRM clients.  The bottom two highlighted areas are simply informational.

Three highlighted additions with Zoho Sign's integration into Zoho CRM on the client's CRM page

Integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho Sign adds three additional modules to your CRM labeled, "ZohoSign Recipients", "ZohoSign Document Events", and "ZohoSign Documents". This data is available through Zoho Sign, but is conveniently recorded in the CRM as well and can be included in CRM analytics reports.

Contract Software Integration with Zoho CRM, additional Modules from Zoho Sign

Actually Try This Contract Software Right Now For Free

Try out Zoho Sign for 30 days free with no credit card required at signup. You don’t need to own a website or server to run this software; just login through any web browser, tablet, or on your phone with iOS and Android apps. Start using this software 60 seconds from now with the trial link!

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