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Create a work schedule and track employee time using our human resources software Zoho People. With this cloud-based HR software you can set shifts, make changes, and get notified.  Once your schedules are set, track employee time and see worker attendance. If you work on projects that need to log billable hours, easily add in a new project and let your employees check-in and check-out of projects on their own. Using this software, you can take care of everything you need for your employees all in one place. Employees and administrators access the system by logging in via secure cloud site hosted by Zoho.

Work schedule and time tracker is a major part of HR, and this software goes well beyond that to include full employee database management, document and contract management, advanced analytics, performance reviews, built-in training program, company asset tracking, travel requests, and much more.

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Work Schedule

Automate the work schedule for your employees. Set one or multiple shifts, varying rates for shifts, make changes on the fly, automate work schedule changes and notify employees before they happen. WIth this software you can easily setup automation and notifications.

Calendar View of International Work Schedules

How to handle Shift Schedules

Easily add a new shift in Zoho People by entering in a few simple details. Once the shift is created you can assign employees to your new work schedule.

How to handle Shift Schedules

Employee Time Tracker

Let your employees clock-in and clock-out by logging in to Zoho People and making a single click. The system keeps track of the time each employee is marked as active. View the time each employee is active by hour, day, week, month, etc. Employees only need to click the "Check-in" or "Check-out" button to log their time down to the second.

Integrate and record this information to your favorite accounting software as employee salary expenses automatically.

Zoho People Attendance Tracker for Human Resources and Employee Time

Setup holidays and available leave, then let your employees self-serve and apply their leave when needed.  The system will update and keep track of any changes required for other employees.

HR Leave Tracker

Recurring or One Time Projects and Jobs

Create unique and one time jobs or projects and assign employees to take part.  Employees can self-serve by logging into the system and logging billable hours as they go. Chart the difference between expected and actual logged hours as your projects progress. Click on any project to get a breakdown of sub tasks and work done.

Scheduling for Projects and One Time Jobs

Schedule as many jobs as you need, and even make recurring jobs at various time.

Scheduling for Projects and One Time Jobs

HR Automation and Settings

Have your HR system automate tasks for you. We can help you create workflows that automate common tasks like onboarding and training.

How to handle Shift Schedules

Once your system is setup properly you can get to work. Here you can see the various customizations that are available in this HR software. There is a lot of functionality beyond the work schedule and employee time capabilities.

How to handle Shift Schedules

Human Resources Analytic Reports

This powerful human resources software has built in analytic reports so you can better understand your employees, projects, and related expenses. With additional integrations such as Zoho Books you can record employee expenses and project accounts receivables in your books in real time.

Analytic Report of Time Log from Employee Time

Zoho People Integrations

Zoho People integrates with whatever your current or preferred business software happens to be.
Zoho People integration with Zapier, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Paybooks, Quickbooks, greytHR, and G-Suite
The Zoho platform is well integrated and as such Zoho People is also integrated with the following Zoho Business software:
Zoho People integration with Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Sign, Zoho Expence, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Projects, Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Writer, and Zoho Payroll

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